Helping men struggling with their mental health

We are a group that was created out of necessity.
In an ideal world groups like ours wouldn’t need to exist.
But unfortunately this is not the case.

Suicide is not the answer

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As a group we have talked a lot of changing the way men keep everything to themselves, and as we all know, our aim is to get men talking about as much as possible. This can be hard as these men have been keeping everything to themselves for a lot of years, so it’s easier to continue that way. We will keep pushing for change.

Why we are here to help

The idea was born one night in a car when yet another one of our close friends had taken their own lives.

It was decided that enough was enough and even though we had zero professional mental/physiological training, between us, we had a pool of life experience.

Whether it was offering a peek behind the curtain to the ripple of pain that suicide leaves behind not to mention the unanswered questions, or just life experience to the younger generation who may be facing some of the demons we have faced and may still battle, however the goal is to help men of all ages and walks of life find a way to face down their demons and offer each other’s methods up along the way.

Our cheerfulness in the face of adversity is something we pride ourselves on more than anything. The ability to accept our problems and laugh them off while battling them is key.

Essentially, we are a pub without the alcohol and the regret that follows, so come along and share a story with like-minded people where confidentially is paramount and judgement is left at the door.

Events Calendar

The group meet every Tuesday Evening at 6.30pm, but we also do additional activities, to help the men of the group.
Additionally, we also have Walk and Chat on Thursday Evenings at 6.30pm. Meeting at the Victoria Hotel, Blairgowrie
Have a look through our calendar to see what is happening…..

Get in Touch

If you are interested in coming along to the Group, Please use the Form to drop us a message.
Someone will then respond to you.

This will be in confidence.